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Designerliner Biodegradable Waste Basket Trash Bags 7 Gallon, Black Leopard Pattern, 8 Count

Product Description

Well, finally you can smile at your very own trash. Dress the mess and save our planet just a little bit by using a brand new, price affordable, biodegradable trash liner. Designer liners are biodegradable disposable decorative trash liners- never before available until now. Decorative green biodegradable trash bags are a beautiful addition to the office, den, living room, dining room, kitchen, nursery, bathroom, and bedroom. Strong and cost efficient. Biodegradable, decorative, USA made trash liners. 7 gallon size. Each bag measures 21 inches x 24 inches. 8 designer liners per package. Sure, you want to clean up your waste, but how about a waste basket liner that will help you clean up your world. Designer liners can make a huge difference they're as smart as they are beautiful. Every designer liner is made from a revolutionary additive technology which makes it biodegradable while maintaining the other desired characteristics of plastic products. Designer liners are fully biodegradable in 9 months to 5 years- are fully biodegradable wherever they are disposed of (where other things are biodegrading- an aerobically and aerobically) are recyclable and can be made with recycled resins do not use heat, light or mechanical stress to break them down do not require special handling do not contain heavy metals designer liners are a positive step to a cleaner planet. Sometimes it's the little things that add up to a huge benefit. Now you can smile at your very own trash.


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